Wheelbuilding Warranty

High quality bicycle spokes are made of steel. Rims and hub shells are made of aluminum. Because steel can flex much more than aluminum before breaking, spokes should never break during the lifetime of a wheel. Spokes that break are usually under-tensioned, causing them to flex excessively and eventually fail. Spokes that are not stress relieved may also break. Stess relieving removes the stress made when cold forging the bend at the spoke head during production. If a wheel is built properly, the spokes will last and the wheel will remain true until the rim sidewall is worn too thin by braking, the hub flange cracks, or the rim cracks. I consider these three events to mark the lifetime of a wheel, and until you reach one, my lifetime guarantee will cover any truing or broken spokes.

That means if your wheel ever needs truing I'll do it for free. If a spoke breaks and needs replacing I'll do it for free.

Warranty does not cover spoke breakage or damage from crashes or wrecks. And it doesn't cover spoke damage caused by throwing the chain over your large cog and wedging it between the large cog and spokes. 

This warranty applies to wheels with approved components. "Approved components" are those I deem suitable for the rider's weight and intended use. When ordering, if you select components not durable enough for your weight and intended use I'll let you know. 

The warranty covers parts and labor.