Spokes, Nipples & Labor

If you need spokes or nipples for your own wheels you'll find them below. I sell Wheelsmith spokes a la carte, and build with Wheelsmith and Sapim spokes.

I do build wheels with new and used hubs supplied by customers. (See below.) Labor is $50 for these wheelbuilds ($35 when you buy all parts from me). You can call or email me for details. Or, simply send the hubs to the shop with a note about the build and your contact information.

Spoke Selection for Wheelbuilds

If you're ordering custom wheels online, here's a rundown of the spokes available.

  • Wheelsmith DB14: The most versatile spoke I stock and the one I build with most frequently. Head and threads are 2.0mm/14g. Butted section is 1.7mm. There are very few applications where the DB14 isn't a good choice. 
  • Wheelsmith XL14: Almost as light as the more expensive CX-Ray, the XL14 is a super-butted round spoke. Head and threads are 2.0mm, butted section is 1.5mm. Maximum spoke tension is around 90kgf, so it isn't suitable for the drive side of rear cassette wheels, but can be used on front wheels and the non-drive side of rear cassette wheels. Use with DB14's on the drive side of rear cassette wheels for a lightweight build.
  • Sapim CX-Ray: Lightweight butted aero spoke. The heads and threads are 2.0 and the elliiptical aero butted section is 2.0 x 0.9mm. In contrast to the XL14, the CX-Ray can tolerate high spoke tension, so it can be used for all spokes on a wheel set.
  • Sapim Strong: Single butted spoke for cargo and other heavy duty applications. 2.3 and the head and 2.0 on the rest of the spoke. Available for 36,40, and 48 spoke builds, the Sapim Strong may only be used with fairly stiff rims, or its inflexibility is prone to cause rims cracks around the spoke eyelets. 
  • Wheelsmith SS14: Straight gauge 2.0mm spoke for economical wheel builds.

A couple of notes about sending in hubs for wheelbuilds. Please try not to send quick release skewers with your hubs. I don't need them to build the wheels and it's needless to ship them back and forth. Also, if the bearings on the hub are not adjusted I have to adjust them before I can build the wheel. I'm happy to do this, but there will be a labor charge. Lastly, the wheel build does not include cleaning your hubs. They don't need to be sterilized, but if I have to clean them there will be a labor charge.