The strength of the bicycle wheel is due to the spoke tension, and the maximum spoke tension is limited by the rim.

The number of rim choices available today can be overwhelming. But the upshot of this plenitude is that for most uses there are several suitable, quality rims. 

If you have any questions about selecting the correct rim for your build please call or email, but here are some general guidelines. 

  • The rim must be wide enough for the size tire you intend to use. 
  • The rim must be stiff enough for a) the weight of the bike, rider, and cargo it must support and b) the spoke tension required by the wheelbuild, which is strongly influenced by the hub.
  • Theoretically, the rim would have enough--but no more--mass to satisfy the first two conditions. However, the importance of this criteria will vary considerable based on intended use, topography, and how much importance the rider places on efficiency and speed.

All that being said, the best heuristic in most cases is find out what works well for other cyclists' who do "your kind of riding" and go with that (or something very similar).

You can filter rims by diameter and brake compatibility via drop down menu on the right.