Shutter Precision Dynamo Hubs


Shutter Precision makes very low drag dynamo hubs--their efficiency is on par with the Schmidt dynohubs at about half the price.

The PV-8 or PD-8 is equivalent to the SON28, with higher output and slightly higher drag than the SV-8/SD-8, which is equivalent to the SONdelux. You'll have a slightly less drag with the SV-8, but you'll get slightly less efficiency if you use the SV-8 with charging devices. "V" versions are for rim brake. "D" versions have ISO 6 bolt rotor mounts.

SV-8 is 370g

PV-8 is 389g

Weights do not include quick release skewer. SP hubs do not include a QR skewer.

The connector plug on the SP hubs works just like the Shimano dynamo hub connector. If you are looking at your bike from the drive side, the current wire should go into the port toward the back of the bike. Ground wire goes to the port toward the front of the bike.


I plan to keep bring in more of these hubs and keep a wider variety in stock. If you'd like an SP hub not on this page, contact me. I can bring in the hub in about a week and half.

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