Schmidt Edelux II


The Edelux II from Schmidt improves on the original Edelux with a wider, brighter beam.

The 60cm wire headlight comes with connectors for Schmidt hubs attached. The 140cm wire version includes loose Schmidt spade connectors so you can cut the wire to the required length. For a small labor charge you can also specify the length wire you'd like and I'll attach your connectors.

Edelux lights ship free via Priority Mail within the US.

Please Note: The Edelux has a single 3mm male connector to attach a tailight current wire. It does not have a ground connector for the tailight, so you cannot attach a double strand wire. If your tail light does not ground to your fender or rack (it probably doesn't though some older models do), you'll need to a ground connector to ground your tail light. On the ground connector page you can there's a picture of a Toplight Line tail light with a ground connector attached. In the picture the wire is connector to the tail light via the bare wire portal, but you can also connect it to the 3mm spade connector marked ground on the tail light.

Also Note: Edelux lights do not include a mounting bracket, you can find a mounting bracket for your bike here.

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