Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ Premium Cyo Headlights


The new Premium Cyo is slightly brighter than the regular Cyo (80 vs. 70 lux), but the big difference is the width of the beam. The IQ Premium beam is much wider. Not quite as wide as the IQ2 Luxos, but almost. When riding under streetlights the extra width is pretty much drowned out by ambient light, but as soon as one turns onto darkened roads the difference is significant. Here's a heat map of the IQ beam.

And the IQ Premium beam:

I have two models of Premium Cyo lights now. The T Senso Plus has daytime running lights--in Senso mode the light automatically switches between daytime running lights and the night-time headlight beam as light conditions warrant. The Senso Plus (no "T") turns the main headlight beam on and off as needed when in Senso mode, but does not have the daytime LED lights. 

If you want a light with Premium optics in an "R" version (with nearfield lighting) look at the Premium Fly RT Senso Plus.

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