Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ Avy Headlights


This little light is brighter and less expensive the Lumotec Lyt from B&M that I used to stock. 30lux beam is bright enough for most commuting situations. I wouldn't descend a hill at 40mph with in on my dark country road, but for riding in town it is a great light.

The N Plus version has a standlight that stores energy to keep the light on when your bicycle is stopped.

T Senso Plus version detects the ambient light conditions and switches between a daytime and night-time mode. 

The lens is exposed when viewed from the side of the light, which add a bit of visibility. 

Avy headlights include the pictured mount and wiring to attach the light to a dynamo hub. They do not include tail light wiring, so if you are purchasing a taillight with the Avy you may need to buy taillight wire separately.

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